Your IT Leadership Partner

We help companies set up a mature architecture function and refine their IT strategy and delivery organisation.

  • Get started with an architecture function
  • Enterprise and Solution Architecture framework and ways of working
  • Business and IT Target operating model
  • IT organisation change management
  • IT vision and road map
  • IT strategy communication plan and tools
  • Target architecture and transition states
  • Blueprint or high level design to support an IT transformation programme

Your Technology Advisor

We support IT teams with technology choices and roadmaps, as part of a cloud, data or digital strategy.

  • Refine technology directions : standards, principles and patterns
  • Technology or solution choices based on objective criteria
  • Supporting major architecture changes (e.g.: omnichannel, real-time, API, personalisation, ...)
  • Defining a cloud strategy and migration path
  • Support company growth and competitiveness through Digital Transformation
  • Increase data intelligence through AI and ML
  • Architecture Governance and Guidance to development/delivery teams
  • Domain Driven Design

Your Software Craftsman

We deliver innovative software solutions and coach development teams in agile delivery, software craftsmanship and clean architecture.

  • Cloud native solutions on the major public cloud platforms
  • Introducing agile and lean principles in software development
  • Guiding software refactoring and migration
  • Guidance in microservice architectures and service choreography
  • Chaos engineering - building scalable, resilient systems
  • Realisation of Proofs of Concept, Prototypes or MVPs
  • Event Sourcing / Domain Driven Design
  • Evolutionary Architecture - designing maintainable, testable and flexible systems